Language Myths


Penguin, 1998. Tapa blanda: 208 páginas.

I’d like you all to read at least one of the language myths in this amazing book and prepare an activity based on that article. The myths I’m selecting are:

  • Myth 6. Women Talk Too Much – you can relate this to the development of our feminist intelligence, so that we can become better people! (e.g. linking with the activity: What makes you a man/woman? What makes you a person?)
  • Myth 8. Children Can’t Speak or Writer Properly Any More (listen) – this could link with why texting is not ruining any language, but a symptom of human lexical creativity.
  • Myth 10. Some Languages Have No Grammar – to connect with our misperceptions about English vs other languages.
  • Myth 11. Italian Is Beautiful, German Is Ugly – to relate to Andalucian Spanish, Castellano Spanish and say Argentinian Spanish, and common misperceptions including linguistic self-hatred.

You can find all the chapters listed here:

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